A sizzling four weeks of exciting Summer sessions for young people aged 8 – 14 are happening at the Youth Arts Centre in Kensington Road, Douglas from 24th July – 18th August including two musical theatre shows starting with the funny and inspiring ‘SuperStan’ the worlds most unlikely Superhero which takes place from 24 – 18th July. This is followed by a dance workshop, ‘5 Days of Dance’, which includes Ballet, Tap, Irish, Modern and Contemporary dance with Susannah Maybury and Beth Brown from 31st July – 4th August. The third week is a writing workshop where we are planning to write a screenplay intended for entry into a Young Screenwriters Competition run by the British Film Institute. This takes place August 7 – 11th . The final show, 14 – 18th August is ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ a comedy musical about a nutty bunch of Pirates who really want to be lean, mean fighting machines, but are just not very good at it.


The workshops run between 10 – 4pm and cost £100 but there is an option for kids with working parents come for the Breakfast/Teatime club at 8.30 – 6.00pm where they will be kept safe and entertained. This cost £135 for the week. For a registration form, please send your email address to or text your email address to 437339.