Future plans

We are always making plans at Youth Arts, we constantly update and adapt, changing plans to accommodate dreams and needs.

At the moment, we are raising money for the following specific purposes…

(1) To refurbish the dance studio at the Youth Arts Centre, so that it becomes one the best and most flexible performance spaces in the Isle of Man. It’s a tall order and we need to find funds of close to £50,000 to achieve this. Learn more about these plans.

(2) To create a School Shakespeare Festival. Introducing children and young people to the works of William Shakespeare is never easy as his plays are regarded by many to be inaccessible and high-brow. Working in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare company and the Schools Shakespeare Festival itself, we hope to arrange a festival of 30 minute plays produced and directed by the young people themselves to be performed over a week of Shakespeare ‘without the boring bits’!

(3) To replace the windows in the new theatre. The replacement windows for the new theatre would be an art form in themselves as it is planned that the current powdered metal ones be replaced with beautiful wooden frames and a suitable design in either stained or painted glass representing youth arts on the Island in a manner that will enhance the building and create a worthy legacy for the artists that were in the original Art School.

(4) To fund general ongoing expenses – such as equipment used by the kids at the Youth Arts Centre, or travel costs to cultural events in the UK.

(5) To support specific cultural or performance events that are taking place in the Isle of Man. For example Represent’s King of the Rock breakdancing event in the Summer 2015.